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Monthly Archives: September 2010

I researched tag-along campers for a while before adopting the one that would become my home. Craigslist was where I did most of my searching. I looked at sooooo many campers, it hurt – lusting after each and every one. Size and weight were limiting factors since I drive a smallish pick-up truck.

Here are a few of the ones that got away:

Too big and broke down

From the 50s and heavy as hell

This one was crashed in by a tree the day before I would have purchased it!

And this is Taco

“Taco” got her name from a dream that my friend, Craig, had one night – a dream that will not be recounted in the annals of this blog. I’ll tell you later.

I found Taco in Willimantic, CT and picked her up on my way back from a job in NYC. I had been talking to Taco’s owner, Mark (aka “Bear”), for the week prior to picking her up. He was the nicest guy and held onto her until I could get out there to check her out. Bear was working the night shift at a brewing company and met me after his shift, around mid day. He has a large property with trailers, motorcycles, cars and parts of all sorts salvaged and stored. Bear’s wife was not excited about this use of yard space, hence my appearance in their driveway with a case of beer and a smile.

Bear’s friends stopped by and we spent the rest of the day drinking beer under the carport, telling stories and hitching my new $300 purchase to the back of my little truck. Bear loaned me his trailer plate and I made it safely and comfortably back to Boston, the proud owner of a Yellowstone Camper! Thanks again, Bear!

Taco in Boston

Here are some “before” shots of the interior:

Dining area

The Kitchen - Fridge/X-ray viewer

Bedroom end

The Kitchen - Stove/Oven

Taco in Winter Storage - Ready for her metamorphosis

I’m renovating Taco this winter – she will emerge a beautiful butterfly this spring. Progress pics to follow!