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Monthly Archives: April 2011

I knew I would have my hands full, but it’s such a tiny space…  There was extensive water damage due to 2 busted roof vents and some missing panels of window glass.  I began by clearing as much of the nasty as I could without performing a complete gut job (my apologies, Taco, but you are the first of many and my resources are limited).  The camper is a structurally sound, canned ham with “framing” to hold all of the cosmetic parts in place.

NOTE:  I’ve been salvaging and re-using as much of the original Taco as possible.  The original lighting and hardware is pretty fab and will definitely remain.

The ceiling was a mess.  Leaking roof vents created a mulch-y turned driftwood effect beneath the vinyl sheathed surface (perfect for holding in moisture).   I cleared the decay.  New vents and a weather-proof roof sealant will prevent further damage.

Water damage from leaky roof vent

The leaky roof vents formed a tag team with some leaky windows and caused further damage to parts of the walls and floor.

More water damage

I decided to remove the permanent toilet and replace it with a portable unit from Fiamma.  The idea of pumping waste out of my camper didn’t appeal to me, so I opted for a smaller and more “manageable” operation.  We’ll see how that goes…

Future garden planter?

By the end of Phase 1, my spirits were knocked around a bit, but still optimistic.  Here are more shots of the interior.  Phase 2 will involve insulating and reinstalling the ceiling and damaged walls, replacing the roof vents, applying roof sealant, and dealing with the floor.

View from the boudoir


Floor stripped down to metal pan

Ceiling stripped to framing