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After much ado…  The renovation was more involved than I had anticipated (always is).  After I removed all of the rot and unwanted bits, I began reconstructing the floor and ceiling.

The floor had lots of water damage and after I had stripped it down to the metal pan in places, I decided not to put more rot-able wood down – instead, I used 2″ thick rigid foam insulation and covered it with 1/2″ plywood.  I put the bench seats back in (with storage and hiding places for Sophie, the cat), and sanded and painted all existing doors, cabinets and walls a cheery yellow-white (ginseng root by Benjamin Moore).  Accent walls were painted “Tropicana Cabana”!  I used some vinyl, stick-down tiles in the dining area and the bathroom; hickory stained floating laminate floor for the rest.

The ceiling had been stripped down to the “rafters” – curved 2 x 3’s that keep the roof domed and provide a substrate for the sheathing.  I filled the bays with cellulose insulation (a vapor barrier to hold it all in) and sheathed it all with 1/8″ luan plywood.  I found a product on line that provides a bit more insulation and is cute as all hell.  Styrofoam tiles (looking like take-out trays) with moon craters came 20″ x 20″, super light weight, and adhered fantastically to the luan with an adhesive designed for styrofoam.  The directions were in Russian (I think), but it was all very self explanatory. After the ceiling was in place, I added my light fixture and roof vent trimmings.  Once all that was in place, I coated the roof with an alkyd rubberized sealant to keep the weather out.

Next, my favorite – decor!

– Linda Ronstadt’s “Living In the USA” picture album clock 🙂

– Zulu short spear (given to me by my neighbor/”uncle”, Robert – along with a sack of survival goodies).

– “God Bless Our Camper” plate, gorgeous handcrafted quilt, and curtains by my honey bee, Kelly.

– Baby Greenman magnets (my sisters and I) by Mom (ages ago!)

– Odds and ends from IKEA

I salvaged all of the hardware, appliances (I did, however, upgrade the propane heater to a ventless, ceramic one) and most of the light fixtures.

Ready to roll!

Check out the full transformation on the “Metamorphosis” page!


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