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Oh, today…  It was a long one.

I got about 2 hours from Equinunk, took a pretty pic of Lackawanna Valley at a scenic stop, and then one of my camper tires blew to smithereens on the highway.  I was able to pull over onto the right shoulder immediately and call AAA to the rescue.   The state cops were there within minutes and gave me the number of the barracks just in case.  In the time it took AAA towing to get there (which was pretty speedy) the force of the big rigs whizzing by started to peel the aluminum siding from the back of Taco!  Tom, an absolute dreamboat savior, arrived to the scene only to point in horror at the back of the camper, wondering if I had been hit.  I, with my head between my knees in the highway brush, was too stunned to have even noticed Taco’s strip-tease.  Tom wrangled Taco up the ramp, secured her, and led the way to the nearest garage.  The first garage basically pointed and laughed and said that they wouldn’t even know where to start looking for a replacement wheel.  Tom led me to the next garage in Wilkes-Barre.

McCarthy Tire and Automotive Center took the challenge and called around until they located 2 old Chevy wheels that would fit my camper.  They spent all day tracking them down, switched the old ones out and gave everything a once over.  They even checked out my truck at no cost (everything was fine).  I spent the entire day there.  Mike Flynn, the manager of Tire Services, and an aficionado of campers and RVs, treated me like a daughter and wouldn’t let me leave until everything was running smoothly.

While I waited, I took a trip up the road to Wide World RV Center and shopped around for hitching needs.  They were super helpful and pointed out the Walmarts and the casino that I could park in overnight.

The casino was tempting, but I decided against it when I imagined sleeping in the parking lot.  Walmart it is!  I got a bunch of items in the “superstore” to tune-up my ride and had a burger and a beer at the Red Robin across the lot.  Starbucks in the morning and all systems go!

Akron, OH – take 2…



  1. Love the diaries! Must be quite an adventure! You think you’ll make it to California???

    • Thanks! And I hope to make it to California, down the coast, and back east. Cross your fingers!

  2. aw man… never a dull moment. were you able to put taco’s clothes back on??

    • She’s a saucy trollop and fought me all the way, but I managed to make her decent again. Oy. Made it to Ohio with no problems!

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