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She’s been adapting surprisingly well to her mobile surroundings.  It’s nice having the camper as a constant.  Spending a full day in a tractor-trailer yard during the tire fiasco made her rethink this entire venture, though.  It was hotter than blazes in that wide open yard of black rubber.  While the guys were working on Taco, Sophie was forced to sit with me in the truck, or outside in the shade of the building.  Even in the shade, it had to have been at least 90 degrees.  Sophie started to pant and kind of hyperventilate and she wouldn’t drink any water, so I released her from my hold with the hope that she would figure out what she needed on her own.  In Equinunk, she roamed outside the camper – but she only ever stayed under the camper, too afraid to go anywhere else.  Instead of lying under the truck, she made a bee-line for one of the loading docks (there were several, with docked semis full of tires at each one).  I freaked and ran in after her.  It was super dark in each bay and I thought for sure she would end up on a cross-country adventure of her own.  I had a flashlight on me and caught the glint of her eyes amidst a giant pile of tires.  All sanity has been restored and Sophie is speaking to me again.



  1. Oh, Miss Thing!

  2. Hi
    Love your blog!!! Glad you safe and sound

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