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I awoke in the Walmart parking lot, grabbed a coffee and hit the road, a bit fearful that something else would go wrong…  I called ahead to a campground I had researched the night before – Hidden Valley in Ravenna, OH (about 25 miles northeast of Akron).  There was a vacancy and I made the 300+ miles in good time and without mishap!

Unfortunately, Hidden Valley doesn’t have a website, but it appeared on my AllStay app for iphone.  It’s a gorgeous RV park and campground – Even better, it’s only $25 dollars a night and that includes full use of the facilities, electrical and water hook-up.

The community largely consists of retirees – It’s very peaceful here (unlike the Walmart parking lot, which was noisy 24 hours with trucks, but free :)).  Bingo night might get a little rowdy – looks like I’ll miss it.

I took a much needed shower and headed into Akron for dinner and drinks with some new friends.  I have a few really good friends born and raised in Ohio, and now I’ve seen for myself – Ohio is full of really cool people.  I ate some yummy Mediterranean food at Aladdin’s Eatery, and then I met up with the gals at a little gay bar on West Market – Square Bar.  Really cute with an outdoor patio in back.  Boston needs more of these.

Thanks for showing me a good time, ladies!

Off to Chicago!


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  1. Steak Fry! That hurts my heart just looking at it. Taco has such a cute little butt. 🙂

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