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The drive from Ravenna to Chicago went swimmingly well.

I took a tiny side trip (just a jog off the highway) to drive through Taco’s birthplace, Elkhart Indiana – “RV capital of the World” (and apparently, “Band Instrument capital of the World”, who knew).  The RV Hall of Fame is worth a trip.

I made it into Chicago right at rush hour – the highway was bad enough, try towing a vintage camper  down the bumpy streets of the West side of Chicago.

I was meeting a friend of Kelly’s for dinner that night and parked my whole production at a Walmart on W North Ave and hopped on public transportation into the city.  I’m somewhat directionally impaired and transit systems are baffling to me (inbound, outbound, N,W,E,S…)  I finally made it into town to meet Kate at a bar on N Ashland Ave, The Cobra Lounge.  We had a few drinks, and then Kate took me to another cool hipster hotspot, Big Star, in Wicker Park.

“Tacos, Whiskey, Hillbilly Music…sounds like Heaven.” is their tag-line and very aptly describes the scene.

It was packed – the service was fantastic and the food was delish.

There's a hotdog in there, somewhere

We ended the night just before midnight (I had to move Taco to a 24 hour Walmart just outside of the city).  There is so much more to do and see – Chicago, you will be hearing from me again, soon.

Next stop – Camanche, IA!


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