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Another dreamy drive…

The Midwest has lots of wind turbines

Looks like I’m staying at another Walmart. I’m exceptionally pleased with the whole Walmart experience. You can say whatever you want about the place – I say the security is great and the employees are incredibly friendly, helpful, and don’t even bat an eye when they see me come in and out to use the facilities – and it’s FREE.

Have I mentioned how much I love my portable toilet? The Fiamma bi pot 30 is super compact, easy to use, and beautifully designed for effortless disposal and cleaning. It saves me from late night trips to public restrooms.

Well then…

My friend, Bob, grew up in Omaha and had some great suggestions for bars and restaurants. Unfortunately, many of them were closed on Sunday. After dinner (pale in comparison to Marge’s cooking), I biked out to Brother’s Lounge… and back. Next time! It has great reviews and is a well respected establishment in the area. Nearly 10 miles for an Aquafina – I needed the excercise!

Special thanks to Diane, of Lincoln, for the kind words and encouragement. She contacted me just as I was leaving Nebraska. I’ll give you a shout next time I’m rolling through. I would love to help your mom out with any projects she has!

Next stop – Laramie, Wyoming!



  1. Laramie, WY? That’s a long drive! Be careful out there.

  2. hear everything is going well and your seeing and doing things most people will never do. you are amazing.

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