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I left Taco in Boise to meet Kelly in Seattle over the weekend.

One of Kelly’s besties, Shena, lives there and girlfriend, Lizzie, was sweet enough to put us up… Seattle is my kinda town, if it weren’t for the dreary skies. Flowers and fruits are to die for, good coffee abounds, and everyone is super chill. There is a tight little queer community here, though only one lesbian bar. We were staying in Capitol Hill just before Pride 🙂

We did some gay things over the weekend – caught “Pride American Idol” and bar hopped a bit before finishing the night at the “Wild Rose“.

Since everyone was working Monday, Kelly and I took the opportunity to do touristy things.


Pike Place Market


Space Needle


Fremont Troll

We stayed only 2 days in Seattle before heading back to Boise – lots of distractions along the way.

First stop gas and a burger

Then gas and a winery! Goose Ridge Wineries is one of the best places to get sidetracked.



I had reservations at the Miracle Hot Springs of Buhl, ID in exchange for helping Noel on a job in Twin Falls. Some LEDs needed to be adjusted in a series of donor wall installations at St. Luke’s Hospital and veneers needed to be applied to the sides of each. Easy job, good deal!



We stayed in Twin Falls for dinner. Canyon Crest had unbelievable views, fantastic service, and the food was pretty good, too.



The Miracle Hot Springs are amazing. We pulled in to our little RV plot with hookups (this time, I took Taco). We had 2 hours in our own hot spring “hot tub” followed by two massages. Very cool, very relaxing.


The next day, Noel threw a pizza party for my birthday. The perfect finale to year 35!






  1. Sounds and looks great. Miss you and we will have to celebrate the beginning of year 36 when get home at the GREENMAN
    WINERIES OF CAPE COD, and of course the BECK BREWERY OF QUINCY will proudly supply beer ( I am sure, I hope).

  2. I can’t wait! Love you xox

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