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I left Boise by noon and with all systems in good working order. I stopped in Winnemucca, NV for dinner and a little rest. The Martin Hotel in Winnemucca was established in 1898 and is listed in the register of historic places. It was once a stopping place for area cattle ranchers and sheep herders. They specialize in Spanish food – there is a large Basque population out in these parts.



I sat at the bar flanked by construction workers and Ruth Rockillina (Rockillina is her middle name). Ruth’s long time boyfriend is the head chef, so I asked her what her favorite dish is. She replied, without hesitation, that the King’s Ribeye is the best by far – so tender that you don’t even need teeth (she showed me her toothless gums to prove it).

I couldn’t argue with that testimonial. My teeth and I ordered the “Ribeye Lite”. Lori, the bartender, asked “Are you sure, hon?”.

First course: Soup AND a salad AND baked beans.

Second course: a chorizo and hominy dish (so good), carrots and mashed potatoes.

A ribeye the size of my face appeared before me with a platter of fries.

I got about a quarter of the way through the steak when I sheepishly asked for a take-away bag. I wasn’t even aware that bread pudding was part of this deal. The steak was as good as Ruth promised and I look forward to eating it for the next several meals.

I chatted with the guys at the bar. They all wanted to know who I was and what brought me to Winnemucca. I told them what I was up to and we talked a little shop. I was then pronounced owner of the biggest set of balls in the room and beers would have kept coming my way had I not graciously declined and hopped back into the truck. Martin Hotel = rad.



Earlier that day, I reserved a lot at Chism RV Park in Reno. This park opened in 1927 and is purported to be Reno’s oldest. I arrived after dark and fell promptly asleep.

The next day, I took some time to repack the camper and tidy up. The facilities at Chism Park are pretty nice and I even did some laundry. I left Reno at noon.

California, here I come!


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