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I approached San Francisco at rush hour – ugh. I made it through the mountain passes between Reno and the California border with little struggle. Once I made it off the highway to my exit, I experienced the thrill of the San Francisco hills with Taco in tow. Thank heaven (and Noel Sr) for those new shocks!

I parked by Golden Gate Park. You can kinda, sorta do that around here. Hippie vans and campers litter the streets – the cops have their work cut out for them. I’m in the Sunset section of San Francisco visiting an old friend from high school. Heather and her partner, Wendy, are expecting a baby and I’m building a desk for Wendy so that she can move her office out of the new nursery.

The girls cooked a fabulous meal upon my arrival and we caught up on the last 20 years late into the night. The next morning, I moved my camper out in front of their house to the delight(?) of the neighbors 😉 thanks!

The previous night, Sophie scoped out her new digs and I have yet to find her. I had steeled myself for the worst before we set out on this journey. Sophie is getting on in years and her health has been slowly declining. I figured she would be happiest with me and maybe selfishly thought she would enjoy the adventure in her golden years. She loved Boise and was the happiest I had seen her in some time. I can only hope that she found some peace. I moved my truck back to the park with some food and her belongings and Heather, Murphy (the dog), and I continue to scout in the hope of finding her. I’m missing my best friend of 14 years – she’s seen me through a lot. I love and miss you, Sophie…


I worked the next few days on the new office. I visited with friends and checked out some of the local shops. Devil’s Teeth Baking Company was a notable stop. The Pittsburg Pub was a fun little watering hole. Macbeath Lumber turned out to be a gem of a find. I was looking for just the right veneer to match some existing wood in the office. Macbeath had it and more – A one stop lumber yard.

Best of all, Heather and I got to hang and reminisce about high school and growing up. Some very difficult times that sure are hilarious when you look back on them!


I hope Wendy will be happy with the finished piece! She took off to Boston on business, a couple days after I arrived. I enjoyed my stay in San Francisco. I hope to come back soon. Thanks  Heather and Wendy!  You completely spoiled me!



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