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I drove straight across Texas. I didn’t stop for much, but I was traveling along minor roads and it was fun to pass through towns with populations of 200-300 people.

I stayed overnight in Hope, Arkansas. Anticlimactic, yes, but I did get stopped just before the Arkansas border for not having a light on my camper plate. Geez. 20 questions later, and I got a warning and my freedom.

The next day I drove straight across Tennessee. I really like Tennessee. First Memphis, then Nashville, and I stayed the night in Knoxville. I stopped in Hurricane Mills to visit Loretta Lynn’s Ranch and Kitchen.




Kitchen first, I was hungry. I had a hickory smoked pork sandwich with fries and turnip greens. Delish. I got some crap at the gift store and then I drove out to the ranch.

NOW, I love Loretta Lynn, but what is going on here?! The museum is completely weird and has more clothes and costumes of her friends on display (Roseanne Barr’s apron? – I remember the episode) than there is of her stuff. There is an entire wall devoted to her family photos – nieces, nephews, grandkids – sweet, but… AND an entire wall devoted to Bush/Cheney – Yowza.

Photos are not allowed in the museum. I went to the gift shop and weirder than weird – it appeared that there were random items purchased at a flea market (?) that were all signed by Miss Loretta Lynn herself. The barefoot sales clerk assured me that everything was authentic. I’m talking strange unrelated items like old salt and pepper shakers. My favorite, and I’m really kicking myself for not buying it (or at least sneaking a picture), was a John Deere tractor butter dish signed “Love You, Loretta Lynn”.

I left with only one item – a Crystal Gayle tour t-shirt


I drove through the rest before ending back in Boston. I stayed my last night in the camper (for a little while, at least) in Allentown, PA.

Thanks, everyone, for all the enthusiasm and support for this project! It’s turned out to be an incredible experience. Stay tuned for more handyman projects and adventures. In the very near future, I’ll be documenting my Boston loft renovation. Down South this winter!



  1. Glad you made it home safely. Take care.

  2. I found you via Offbeat Home and have just read through all your archives. Loved hearing about all the adventures (and SO very sorry about Sophie). I’m going to be embarking on a camper adventure of my own in about six months and your perspective has been so much fun and so helpful to read. Can’t wait to hear about what happens next with you and Taco (and Kelly!).

  3. Glad you made it home safe and sound. Things are wonderful in Wyoming as fall is my favorite time of year. Next time you’re in these parts make sure you stop in and spend a few days with your Laramie friends! You gave us all some laughs and smiles.

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