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After 35 years, a Boston native and resident will be hitting the road for destinations unknown.

July of 2010 marked the conception of my half-baked-idea-baby and May of 2011 marks its birth and the maiden voyage of my trusty tag-along camper, “Taco”. All of my tools; a few belongings; Zulu short spear and cat, Sophie, will be accompanying me on an odyssey through as much of this country as we can stand.

My education and training is in Fine Arts. I still paint – more for work than pleasure, but I’m working on that. The need to create and physically labor on a regular basis made construction an easy career choice and a great way to pay my bills after college. I’ve worked construction on and off (mostly on) for over a decade.

Going out on my own a few years back was a crucial, pivotal and necessary change in my life. I’ve combined my fine arts background with my construction skills and I fabricate just about anything I can wrap my head around. I still do lots of rough and fine carpentry, furniture and architectural details. I’ve worked on houses of all sizes, shapes and materials for 7 years and I’ve been a home owner and landlord for about a million, so I’m well acquainted with most residential woes.

Come up with a project for me and show me how awesome your part of the world is. I already have a few projects lined up – I’m looking for anything you got, anywhere, just send me a proposal. I’ll be working for food and gas money to propel me and my home on wheels around the country. This adventure will be heavily documented, so be forewarned…



  1. Way cool! Look forward to your exploits and always happy for on-line consults.

  2. Zulu spear is a dangerous weapon,be forwarned !

  3. How do I get intouch with you to see what you can do? I am one of Leah’s old college roomates and we need some work done at our home in Woodstock, CT. I saw this blog and I am very interested!

    • Hi – sorry for my delay in responding. It’s been a crazy whirlwind and I’m way behind in my updating… You can write to me at Let me know the details and I’ll see what I can do! I’m in Equinunk, PA at the moment in the back woods! Limited connection to the outside world

  4. good luck and be carefull

    love you

  5. So, how does Sophie like traveling?? Hope you’re doing good. Keep on truckin!!!

  6. sooooo proud!

  7. Larry and I enjoyed meeting you and having you as our guest. We will be following along and wish you good weather and safe travels. Our home is your home anytime. Take care.

  8. Hey Marla,

    We are enjoying the kitchen and new cabinets! Hopefully you worked out the Lynn parking ticket, if not I have more time now.
    The adventures look awesome


    • Hey Pa,

      Thanks! I’m all set with the Lynn RMV and driving legally 😉 Glad you guys are enjoying the kitchen. Enjoy the summer and I’ll catch you later!

  9. I just Want you to know that you are amazingly inspiring. My mother died when i was 10 and wanting to follow in her footsteps I wanted to get my fine arts degree I found you while trying to find some information about the yellowstone capri camper I just inherited and were turning into a craft mobile! I hope mine Looks at least half as amazing as yours!

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